Chromatographic Data System(CDS) (or) a Chromatography Software, controls, collects and analyzes chromatographic results delivered by different chromatography detectors.
Different chromatography software packages are provided by respective manufacturers who design, manufacture and sell instruments.
The 4 basic functions of any CDS are
  • Data Acquisition
  • Data Processing
  • Data Reporting and
  • Data Storage
Along with this, Since the total operations are performed in a completely regulated environment, these functions are always under a circle of Compliance.
The most common tool and used feature of an CDS is "integration". It computes simple areas to delimit peaks by adding valleys automatically or not. Areas are computed between two valleys, a signal, and a baseline.
Because of their very specific nature in delivering and confirming the results, Chromatographic techniques have become widely popular and preferred choice than any other analytical technique in the regular QC and R&D environments.
Instruments like HPLC, GC, Ion Exchange, Capillary Electrophoresis (CE) occupy the lion’s share in any analytical laboratory data and are scrutinized majorly for the data generation, modification, reporting and archival processes.
In the wake of increasing regulatory audits and data integrity issues, higher emphasis is given on right management of laboratory data, especially the Chromatographic Data.
Simpruv’s expert team can help in preparation of right policies, procedures in systematic way and also will help in identifying and overcoming the potential issues / risks if the data integrity issues are nor rectified.
Our core team member and Compliance Expert, Mr Sridhar Atmakuri was instrumental in the setting up of uniform policies across the major pharmaceutical companies for data management by way of Review, Right ways of Processing, Reporting and Storage/Archival & Review of Audit trails related to the chromatographic data.
The following is a list of some CDS providers:
Chromatography software
Name Publisher Type
ChemStation Agilent LC/GC/LC-MS/GC-MS
EZChrom Elite Agilent LC/GC
Chromeleon Thermo Scientific GC/LC/IEX/MS
Empower Waters GC/LC
LC Solutions Schimadzu LC/GC/LC-MS/GC-MS
Atlas CDS Thermo Scientific GC/LC
Clarity DataApex GC/LC/MS
Mass Frontier HighChem GC/LC/MS
Each vendor has their own procedures for data acquisition, maintenance, back up and restoration of data. Simpruv can help as single source of knowledge and guidance to maintain any CDS in a better compliant way.
Along with this there are many instruments like UV Visible Spectrophotometers, Analytical Balances and many other instruments ranging from Karl Fischer Auto Titrators to LC-MS, GC-MS etc... Instruments where the data management is very critical. Simpruv can help in the efficient management of the same.


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