Excel Sheet Optimization

In the growing phase of Computerization and automation, it has become very regular for each and every person / application using Spreadsheet for routine use.
Excel Spreadsheets are most familiar and offers complete ‘Flexibility’ for the Compilation of Daily Expenses to calculation of Complex Mathematical Calculations.
Although, Excel sheet Optimization seems pretty easy customization of the same has equally has become very tough over the years with it’s growing applications.
If taken the case of Method validation, it employs very complex calculations for calculations of Precision, Recovery / Accuracy and Specificity Results with very special functions like Linearity (Linearity Graph, Equation, Correlation Coefficient and Residual Sum of Squares) and many more statistical interpretations.
Since these are more complex, error prone, and have greater impact on quality of data and reported results, organizations take utmost precautions at every step. But since the process is so time consuming and cumbersome, often many times the need for expert help arises as “these are the primary focus of auditors at each step during verification of data”.
Typical Pharmaceutical Companies use it for calculation of Assay, Impurities or Content Determination along with Different Method Validation experiments, Pharmacokinetic Data compilations, Biological Data Equivalency Studies etc.
Be it a need based basic customization for routine work (or) creation of complex calculations (or) complete validation for the regulatory environment, Simpruv stands ‘Best of the Best’ with all the things at same place.
Our complete experienced team can help in customization and Optimization of all sorts of Excel Sheets in the desired way. In case you want to go ahead with Validation of the same simultaneously as part of in-house/customer requirements, we will be very glad to help you the same in most efficient way.


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